• BS, Georgia Institute of Technology, Architecture
  • MA, Architecture, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • PhD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Organizational Behavior/Human Resource Management


William D. Murry is interested in assessment from design through implementation. He has a significant interest in data analytics to compliment assessment results, as well as qualitative analysis of open-ended question assessments, strategic planning assessments, and using assessments for organizational change. In this regard, the Teagle Program is a perfect fit.

Murry discovered the Teagle Program through the announcement made by Wabash about the study. He was so impressed with the level of knowledge, commitment, and collegiality that he immediately requested participation in the program. He found that the skills, information, and wisdom shared by the scholars are transferable to any level of institution, small or large, public or private.

The condensed group of scholars at workshops helps contribute to the interactions that occur at each session. Murry believes that the workshops are critical to keeping pace with the ever-changing environment of higher education.

“Through intensive training and sharing of ideas in each workshop, scholars are able to add much to their skill sets and return to their home institution with greater application knowledge that can immediately be utilized,” says Murry. “Real institutional problems are discussed and solved during each workshop that has immediate application.”

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