Director of the School of Business at West Virginia Wesleyan College


  • BS, West Virginia Wesleyan College, Business Management & Economics
  • MBA, West Virginia Wesleyan College
  • EdD, West Virginia University, Educational Leadership Studies/Higher Ed Administration


Susan Aloi is the Director of the School of Business at West Virginia Wesleyan College. In the realm of assessment, Aloi is interested in teamwork skills, travel abroad learning (global education), general education, and business program outcomes.

Aloi became involved in the Teagle Scholar Program as a result of her desire to be a part of a cohort of scholars interested in studying and practicing assessment.

Aloi believes the program is effective because scholars can share assessment successes, challenges, techniques, instruments, and examples of uses of assessment data that can be tested on different campuses.

“We can learn from each other and have access to colleagues with assessment expertise in many areas,” says Aloi. “A college or university that has a Teagle Scholar on its campus benefits from that scholar’s learning and practices from the collective Teagle Scholars group.”

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