Executive Director of Accreditation at New Mexico State University


  • BM, New Mexico State University, Music Performance
  • MM, New Mexico State University
  • MA, New Mexico State University, Curriculum and Instruction
  • PhD, New Mexico State University, Educational Management and Development


Shelly Stovall is the Director of Accreditation at New Mexico State University. Stovall’s interests range from course-level to institutional learning assessment. She finds helping faculty and others understand the benefits of learning assessment particularly fascinating and rewarding.

Stovall became a Teagle Scholar because of TASP’s opportunities to engage with and learn from her peers from other institutions. Stovall claims these opportunities have helped her improve her practice and have benefited her campus, as she has carried out projects and ideas from Teagle workshops at New Mexico State University.

Additionally, Stovall contends that conversations with other scholars about the use of nationally standardized measures of learning have helped her help New Mexico State University better understand and use data in constructive ways.

Stovall believes that the Teagle Scholar Program provides colleges and universities with many benefits. Those benefits include preparing faculty to navigate assessment challenges at their institutions, advocating for student involvement in those practices, and providing workshops and training to help institutions develop their own assessment practices. It also helps those in administrative roles to learn how to negotiate challenges in the institutional environment.

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