Professor of Psychology at UNC Asheville


  • BA, University of Rochester, Linguistics and Spanish
  • MA, Michigan State University, Psychology
  • PhD, Michigan State University, Psychology


Lisa Friedenberg is a professor of psychology at UNC Asheville. She has several assessment interests, including outcome-based assessment, program review, embedded assessment, and developing valid and reliable homegrown rubrics.

Friedenberg was first interested in the Teagle Scholar program because of the peer group and network it provides. After realizing her institution had no personnel on campus with a background in assessing effectiveness, she felt becoming a Teagle Scholar was an opportunity to give back and help others.

Friedenberg believes the program is beneficial because of its ability to provide trained professionals to assist in designing and interpreting assessment. The program is also a great benefit because of the peer group it provides. It is a great source of support, a place to brainstorm, and a way to feel part of the movement to bring good science to assessment.

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