James Fergerson

Associate Director for Faculty Analytics at Smith College


  • BA, Colgate University, Political Science, International Relations/French (1979)
  • MA, Syracuse University, Political Science (1982)


James Fergerson is the Associate Director for Faculty Analytics at Smith College. Fergerson’s interests in assessment research include alumni outcomes, accreditation, admissions and financial aid, dashboard and management metrics, campus climate, department and program review, and consulting.

Fergerson began with Teagle by working on several Teagle-funded, collaborative, multi-institutional projects and found them to be among the most rewarding and useful professional development experiences in his career.

Fergerson contends that the team-based, problem-solving approach always leaves participants with a plan in hand for addressing an institutional concern. Another key factor in the success of the program is the connections made. The scholar program brings together faculty, administrators, and IR/assessment professionals with a very diverse range of experience and skills.

“The program has created many valuable new professional connections,” says Fergerson. “The exchange of ideas and skills has fostered new ways of thinking about assessment that I have applied at my home institution.”

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