Director of Institutional Assessment at St. Edward’s University


  • BA, Montana State University (1990)
  • MA, University of Northern Colorado (1991)
  • PhD, University of Kansas (1997)


David Blair is the Director of Institutional Assessment at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas. Blair is passionate about the creation of a culture in which assessment and continuous improvement are received positively and failure is seen as an opportunity to improve. He is also interested in rubric creation, cross-cultural assessment, and statistical techniques aimed at helping the unique environment of assessment.

Blair became a Teagle Scholar because he saw it as an opportunity to both learn and serve the broader higher education community. He believes that the personnel at the Center of Inquiry and the Teagle Scholars have a vast knowledge and depth of experience and felt that their expertise could be beneficial to him. Blair also wanted to be able to help other colleges and universities in their assessment projects and challenges.

Blair believes that the Teagle Scholars Program has a plethora of benefits for not only Teagle Scholars, but also for their home campuses. He contends that the program provides campuses with access to a wide network of experts, who can help with any given assessment scenario and give their time and expertise willingly and openly. Blair also feels that TASP gives colleges and universities practical, results-oriented approaches to assessment and continuous improvement through presentations and papers.

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