Director at the Center for Teaching & Learning at York College of Pennsylvania


  • BS, Millersville University, Secondary English Education (1987)
  • MS, Wilkes University, Development & Strategies (2006)


Cynthia Crimmins is the Director at the Center for Teaching & Learning at York College of Pennsylvania. Crimmins is passionate about using every available resource to provide students with the most effective learning experiences possible and about helping others to do so as well. She believes that educators have an on-going responsibility to help students learn and to measure the impacts of their efforts and apply that information to continuous improvement.

Crimmins became a leading resource at her campus after taking a role founding the Center for Teaching and Learning at York College. Crimmins wanted to learn a wide range of assessment methods and gain the foundation to assist faculty with selecting the most appropriate assessments, interpreting the results, and applying the evidence to improve student learning.

Crimmins believes that one of the ways the Teagle Program is effective is through data sharing. The data that faculty and staff systematically collect and document provides enough information to inform movement toward improving student learning. Though it is common for the process to stall between the data gathering and taking action phases, Crimmins maintains that the Teagle Scholar Program brings together key faculty and staff at institutions who are in a position to make beneficial changes.

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