The Teagle Assessment Scholar Program is designed to develop and support people who are, or who have the potential to become, national leaders in using evidence to advance student learning.

Colleges and universities routinely gather evidence on student learning. Unfortunately, gathering evidence does not readily lead to improved student learning.

This is due, in part, to shortcomings in the kinds of assessment tools we use and the methods by which we use them. But those technical problems alone do not account for the poor ratio of effort expended on assessment to improvements in student learning.

The challenge is not collecting and making sense of evidence.

The challenge is guiding a response to evidence in the unique cultural, historical, organizational, and economic circumstances of our institutions.

Often, the effectiveness of a particular assessment program depends more on the leadership skills of those who are charged with directing the program than on the kind of evidence we collect or how we collect it. We developed the Teagle Assessment Scholar Program to meet this need.

The Teagle Assessment Scholar Program recognizes, supports, and develops the capacity of gifted assessment leaders to work in campus communities with these cultural, historical, organizational, and economic factors in a way that allows evidence to have impact.