Projects & Publications

Selected projects and publications:


How Robust Are the Findings of Academically Adrift?

By Ernest T. Pascarella, Charles Blaich, Georgianna L. Martin, and Jana M. Hanson

Liberal Arts Colleges and Good Practices in Undergraduate Education: Additional Evidence

By Tricia A. Seifert, Ernest T. Pascarella, Kathleen M. Goodman, Mark H. Salisbury, and Charles Blaich


Educational Practices that Foster Intercultural Competence

By Mark Salisbury and Kathleen Goodman


The Effects of Liberal Arts Experiences on Liberal Arts Outcomes

By Tricia A. Seifert, Kathleen M. Goodman, Nathan Lindsay, J.D. Jorgensen, G.C. Wolniak, Ernest T. Pascarella, and Charles Blaich