Kirsten Skillrud

Kirsten Skillrud

Director of Survey and Institutional Research, HEDS


Emory University, BA

The University of Illinois at Chicago, MA


Kirsten Skillrud has served several roles since joining HEDS in 2014 as Assistant to the Director. She was quickly promoted to Research Analyst and Survey Manager and became the Director of Survey and Institutional Research in 2015. In her current role, Kirsten manages our research team and oversees the implementation, collection, and reporting of both HEDS and non-HEDS surveys and data exchanges.  

Prior to joining HEDS, Kirsten served as a high school teacher for Teach for America, as well as tutored high school students. Kirsten completed a Master of Education in Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics, and Assessment at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  

Kirsten believes HEDS can be an asset to colleges and universities. She says, “I feel that our contacts at colleges and universities are under a lot of stress, and they don’t always have colleagues at their institution to turn to for help. Their work continues to evolve and increase in both volume and importance; yet, our contacts don’t always get more support from additional colleagues or resources. I feel that our organization offers this support and guidance so our contacts can more confidently approach their work and spur positive change at their institutions.”